World Recognition

Tailored Designed for,

4-12 years old Children 

Multimedia Ukulele Course!!

More Than 95.4% children

able to learn and master this musical instruments!

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World Recognition Ukulele Course

Guinness World Records Holder

“Largest Music Lesson”

More than 19840 children around the world

are benefited in this Multimedia Course

Using Interesting Stories & Fun Games Based,

let children master ukulele easily, 


In just 4 years

More than 19840 Students are Benefited!

Teacher Using Multimedia Teaching Method

which tailored design for 4-12 years old children,

Using systematic software to let children learn easily

And children able to sustain their learning interest

Teacher is using Multimedia Teaching Method in Ukubear Ukulele Course which tailored design for 4-12 years old children, using systematic software to let children learn easily and children able to sustain their learning interest 

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Using Systematic Teaching Method

let children master ukulele easily, 


Teacher will also help children

prepare International Music Exam

This cert is also recognized by USA, UK and Singapore

Ukubear Ukulele Course not only cover ukulele teaching,
But also focus on developing their future,
Thus, Ukubear Ukulele has collaborated with
London College of Music
Teacher will help students to prepare and ready to have 
International Music Exam.
Ukubear Ukulele LCM

Does learning music able to help children’s academic result

the answer is …


YES, it helps!!!

Online & Offline ​Ukubear Ukulele  Course has been recognized by
Ministry of Education Malaysia
(Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia)

Ukulele class students who are between standard 4-6
participate competition that are organized by Ukubear Ukulele
able to get PAJSK Marks!
the marks will be very useful for future University Application!

Let’s listen what children and parents said…

Ukubear Ukulele Brandon parent testimonial

Brandon’s Mother 

(10 years old)

Brandon used to be a very naughty and mischievous child.
However, he is able to quiet down after he enrolled to this course.
Thank you teacher for your patient guidance!
Ukubear Ukulele Beavis parent testimonial

Beavis’s Mother

(5 years old)

My son has started to learn ukulele from 3.5 years old. At start, he doesn’t have any music knowledge. After learning a year, my son is able to play ukulele!
Once again, really appreciate teacher’s patience and provide a great platform for every children to perform.

Liu Qi’s Mother

(8 years old)

My child was unable to concentrate in
class before attend ukulele class
Learning music can make her pay more
attention in the class.

In order to let parents know children’s learning result,
we provide different platform for children to perform
and show their learning result!

Through yearly activities, ,
students able to get
stage experience and meet different friends

Offline & Online Concert

Every year, Ukubear Ukulele has provided a platform for all of our students to perform on stage.

The objective is let children have an opportunity to show their whole year effort and increase their stage experiences, and also let parents to see their children’s learning outcomes.

Ukulele Competition

In order to let all the ukulele students in Singapore has an opportunity to interact and learn with each other,

 thus we have organized ukulele competition for children to keep learn and improve together.

Parents Day

Parents definitely would like to know their children learning progress.

Thus every mid year, Ukubear Ukulele organizes parents day to let parents get to know their children learning progress and will have a mini concert for children to perform.

International Ukulele Master Workshop

Every year, in order to provide opportunity for children to explore international ukulele skills.

 Ukubear Ukulele invites International Ukulele Master to Singapore to provide children master ukulele workshop.

Ukulele Video Competition

Through annual competition & concert, students can practice enthusiastically, and

able to keep cultivate their learning interest.

Ukubear Star Awards

In order to recognize children’s learning effort, Ukubear will select outstanding student

to win Ukubear Star Awards every month.

MV Shooting

 Students will get the opportunity to experience MV shooting! Every festival will select a group primary class student to

be the representative of the Music Video Shooting !

Where is the learning point?
It will be at your nearby learning center!

If you want to join online classes also no problem!

Parent & Children Testimonial

Kher Ming’s Father

(8 years old)

Before Kher Min joined this multimedia course,he always give up
easily after few months of  participating activities!
But after he joined this ukulele course,he is able to learn
continuouslyBesides, I have seen teacher using Systematic
Teaching System to guide children throughout the class.
​So,my child able to learn new skills through online

Pei Xin’s Mother

(6 years old)

My child able to learn ukulele online even though
she is just 6 years old!
Really appreciate Ukubear Ukulele provide such a
great  experience for my child to participate
online ukulele competition from this course,
she is able to increase her confidence level
 and gain great experience!

​Ukubear Ukulele Student Learning Result

Hannah Cho (4 years old)

This little girl who is just 4 years old, she played Ukulele while sing
“Fa Sol Mi Re Do” is so cute.
Her parents shared that after their daughter learnt Ukulele,
she had become more confident, she has showed her confidence
and volunteered herself when teacher asked who wanted to
represent class to participate singing competition.

Calla Wong (9 years old)

You must have heard this famous song
which is sung by Bruno Mars.
But I believe you seldom see a cute little
girl able to play ukulele and sing this song

Currently there are more than 20000 Children
who are participated in our Online Trial Class!

Of course, we do have 500+ offline learning point
Children able to join class everywhere!

Would like to know the course details and fees, right?

Hereby, we have prepared for parents…

Parents Preview Video

From the video, parents may understand all the course information and fees.

​*Ukulele class schedule is relatively flexible,

thus parents may propose your preferably class timing

All the details will be shared in the video as well

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After class, we will also arrange our crews to collect back ukulele.

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