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World-class Ukulele Course for Children Aged 4-12

Why participate Ukubear Ukulele Online Class ?


Ukubear online teachers use multimedia teaching material tailored for aged 4-12ensuring interactive lessons for effective and enthusiastic learning

Teachers use fun stories & games to make learning easy! Engaging music theory games help students master ukulele knowledge effortlessly

In just three months, our tailored ukulele course for kids ensures they master a song effortlessly, building a strong foundation in a fun & engaging manner.

Learning together with peers fosters a collaborative atmosphere, boosting motivation and effectiveness in acquiring ukulele skills for each child.

Children can showcase their ukulele achievements by creating and submitting videos. It’s not just a competition but also an opportunity to celebrate diversity & foster innovation, building confidence in the kids.

Children want to learn but don’t have a ukulele at home?

Ukubear Ukulele online courses are honored to be recognized by the

Ministry of Education Malaysia
(Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia),

All students from Grades 4-6 who participate and win in Ukubear Ukulele competitions will receive credits from PAJSK!

These credits will also be beneficial for the child’s future university endeavors.


Ukubear Ukulele LCM

International Music Certificate 

In order to assist students not only in their music education but also in their future endeavors, Ukubear Ukulele has partnered with the International Music College,teachers will prepare students for the attainment of international music certificate, acknowledged in the UK, USA, & Singapore.


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Our Event

Every year, Ukubear Ukulele provides a platform for students to showcase their learning achievements through the competition. It’s also an opportunity for parents to understand their child’s learning progress.

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