If you are interested in music, But

No music background? No confidence? No experience?

Don’t worry, we will Provide Training !

Learn NEW musical instrument and gain EXTRA Income too !


 2 minutes to know how teachers

get started with ZERO basics

In two years, we have trained

more than 300 music teachers!

ZERO BASICS is okay, we teach you!

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Come and join the LARGEST ukulele education institution in Malaysia!


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About Us

Ukubear Ukulele Institution was established by Grownce Sdn Bhd. Since 2016,

our course has collaborated with kindergartens and primary schools closely, providing

an innovative multimedia courses for 4-12 years old kids.

Currently, we are the first and only one education institution in Malaysia that uses

multimedia software to teach music lesson for kids. We are also the

Guinness World Record “Largest Music Class” holder.

- Sport -

Multimedia Ukulele Class Kuala Lumpur

Catch. Run. Touch Down.

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Ukulele Class Kuala Lumpur
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Our professional teaching methods and systems help teachers teach kids effectively.

Our goal is to inculcate children’s beautiful hearts through let them enter

music world easily and able contribute to society in future.

Award Winning Ukulele Course


Ukubear was also invited to

an exclusive interview with

well-known Malaysian TV station  TV2 (Malaysian TV network) - Wikipedia


Locations of Ukubear Ukulele course

We are Malaysia Largest

ukulele education institution,

Currently, we have

More than 500

 learning points in Malaysia!


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About Course

Ukubear Ukulele cooperates with

 University of West London

Ukubear’s teachers able to take this exam and get

 International Music Certificate

which recognized by the United State,

United Kingdom and Singapore

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Recognised by Malaysia

Ministry of Education

Both online and offline Ukubear courses are

honourly recognised by Ministry of Education

Malaysia (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia).
All standard 4-6 students participate and win the

Ukubear Ukulele competition, will get the

PAJSK marks!!!



 Let’s listen what children

and parents said…

The Performance of Ukubear Student

Hannah Cho (4 years old)

This little girl who is just 4 years old, she played Ukulele while sing “Fa Sol Mi Re Do” is so cute.

Her parents shared that after their daughter learnt Ukulele, she had become more confident, she has showed her confidence and volunteered herself when teacher asked who wanted to represent class to participate singing competition.

Calla Wong (9 years old)

You must have heard this famous song which is sung by Bruno Mars.

But I believe you seldom see a cute little girl able to play ukulele and sing this song right?

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Company Talent Program – Teacher

Ukubear Ukulele Institution not only focuses on developing the company but also

focuses on teamwork & communication and provide fun / harmony working atmosphere

to every employee. Hence, we design a series of events and training for new teachers able

to adapt new working environment and get to know other colleagues

Why Join Us?

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1 to 1 Training



Providing 1 to 1 Video Guidance for

teachers that don’t have music background

or related field experience.

Providing series of SOP,

allows teachers to adapt jobs in ONE WEEK !

Besides, all teaching materials (Ukulele

and Textbook) will be provided, NO extra charges!

Teacher Training 1

Complete Teacher Training System


Other than the beginning training for new

teachers, trainers will provide regular training to

improve teachers’ teaching content.

Teacher will be arranged to get

International Music Certificate (LCM Exam)

which is recognized by the United States, United

Kingdom, Singapore, etc.

The cost of examination will be paid by the

company, FREE!

Teacher Training 2 1

Ukulele Seminar Tour

Every year, there are online and offline seminar

tours for teachers.

Mainly for teachers to communicate and

exchange their teaching skills.

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Company Gathering

Every year will have company gathering

to increase bonding between colleagues.

Besides, by using event to let everyone

gets to know more company’s vison and mission.

Other than work, of course we have
Team Building

Ukubear also conducts many

Corporate Social Responsibility



Cheng En Children’s home is one of the CSR projects of Ukubear, providing kids

Ukubear Ukulele Course to learn music and inculcate their beautiful heart.

Company Benefitsukubear seating pattern.png

Apart from salary, we will also provide the following benefits:

Full-time / Part-time teachers



  • Company Bonus* 

  • Salary Increase Every Year * 

  • ​​Mileage Claim according to class location*

  • Company Gathering

  • Provide Free Ukulele

  • Provide Training

  • Provide Free Internationally Music Certificate

​   *Only Available to Full-time teachers

If you don’t have confidence, you can start part-time

and then move to full-time!


We are looking for passionate and caring

Full-time / Part-time teacher!

Welcome to join us !


If you are interested, you can fill in your information here,
The HR department will contact you within 1-3 working days to discuss more detailed work content and salary 😊


Name *

Example: 黄家豪 NG JIA HOW


Age *


Contact Number *


Area *

Example: Kepong, Shah Alam, etc


State *


Full-time / Part-time Teacher