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More than 19,870 children around the world are benefited in this Multimedia Ukulele Course

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Our Course

Systematic Teaching Method

Teacher using Multimedia Teaching Method which 

tailored design for 4-12 years old children,

Using systematic software to let children learn easily

and children able to sustain their learning interest.

Storytelling & Fun Game-Based Teaching Method

Teacher using Interesting Stories & Fun Game-

Based, let children master ukulele easily!

Interesting game helps them to memorize musical

theories easily.

Ukubear Ukulele LCM

International Music Exam

Ukubear Ukulele Course not only cover ukulele teaching,
but also focus on developing their future,
Thus, Ukubear Ukulele has collaborated with
London College of Music 
Teacher will help students to prepare and ready to
have International Music Exam.

Online & Offline ​Ukubear Ukulele  Course has been recognized by

Ministry of Education Malaysia
(Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia)


Ukulele class students who are between standard 4-6
participate competition that are organized by Ukubear Ukulele
able to get PAJSK Marks!

The marks will be very useful for future University Application

Let’s listen what children and parents said…

Guan Yi’s Mother

(7 years old)

After he learned ukulele, I found that he became more confident, and his focus and learning ability had been improved. 

Yu Tong’s Mother

(7 years old)

After Yu Tong learned ukulele, her focus rate had improved, and develop a self-demanding character. She has been studying hard to make herself hit the goals she set.

Cherry’s Mother 

(8 years old)

Cherry has become more self-disciplined after learning Ukulele.
For example, she will arrange her schedule to practice ukulele and I don’t need to keep monitoring her. 

Our Events







Offline & Online Concert

Every year, Ukubear Ukulele has provided a platform for all of our students to perform on stage.

The objective is let children have an opportunity to show their whole year effort and increase their stage

experiences, and also let parents to see their children’s learning outcomes.







International Ukulele Master Workshop

Every year, in order to provide opportunity for children to explore international ukulele skills.

Ukubear Ukulele invited International Ukulele Master to Malaysia to provide children master ukulele workshop.

Largest Online Competition

Our multimedia Ukulele course has benefited 19,870 students

in six years. We are the LARGEST ukulele educational 

 institution and we have more than 500 teaching points in Malaysia.

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All Ukubear Ukulele Team is FULLY VACCINATED

1) All Offline Ukulele Class is Sterilized.

2) Only low-risk and fully vaccinated kids are allowed to

attend the Offline Ukulele Class.

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