Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru invited Ukubear Student to perform on stage

Mid Autumn Festival Performance in Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

In September 2018, Ukubear ukulele students are invited to have Mid Autumn ukulele performance on stage to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with the Johoreans. The event builds children’s confidence level and social skills when they are performing in front of people in the shopping mall. All of the children come from Ukubear children class Johor Bahru. They are participating Ukubear kids program Johor Bahru. Ukubear Malaysia organises a variety of student activities such as Music Day, Summer Camp and Festival Performance.

The importance of the ukulele children activity is to:-

1. Build Positive Emotions Toward Performing

Academic achievement outcomes in music learning and performance should not be directed toward decreasing the degree of children’s emotion. In fact, children will enjoy and have all the fun when learning and performing ukulele music.

2. Social Skills Development During Ukulele Performance

Academic success does not just derive from higher test scores. There are several other goals needed to be attained, such as the development of morality. Children who are actively involved in ukulele learning and performance are more likely to become professionally successful, as music is a unique way of learning and greatly helps in the development of social skills. Ukulele music has the ability to foster children’s creativity.

3. Memory Improvement During Ukulele Performance

Children have the opportunity to learn how to become more patient, which is a very critical skill to master. And the ukulele course and performance is helping them with improved memory and achieving higher academic successes. This is because the children are trained to be more focused in learning and listening.

Parents are encouraged to nurture the children by building children’s interests such as ukulele music. Ukubear Ukulele is opening a limited FREE Ukulele class for children now. The online ukulele children class Johor Bahru is also available now. Complete the registration of Ukubear ukulele class below:-

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